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Biotechnology at PURIS

The world of natural flavourings is witnessing a shift from dependence on raw materials from agricultural crops to alternative methods for the production of natural aroma flavouring compounds.
A shift was brought about by serious concerns with the supply chain, being at the mercy of environmental factors and political instability in countries where some of the traditional crops for flavour and fragrance (F&F) compounds are cultivated. These events led to cycles of short-supply, price increases and long term unsustainability.

How could this dilemma be resolved? Biotechnology has been called to the rescue. With a proven track record in the Pharmaceutical and related industries, it is a process that utilises micro-organisms and/or enzymes, which is similar to ancient methods such as the fermentation of foods and the making of beer and wine, converting natural starting materials to natural aroma compounds.
Managing known variables, including raw materials and fermentation conditions, it is a process that is reliable and cost effective. It also has far less impact on the environment and has positive credentials when it comes to issues such as food security. It is believed that the F&F industries will eventually move away from synthetic and petroleum derived products (currently produced as cheap alternatives to natural aroma chemicals) to Biotech derived F&F aroma molecules.

The flavouring industry, like its pharmaceutical relative, has embraced this new approach, evidenced by the emergence of several start-up Biotech groups, often collaborating with multinational F&F houses. Competition to be first-to-the-market with this new generation of products has been followed with great interest over the past 18 months. In this short period of technology and product development, impressive strides have been made.

Puris is keeping a close watch on the direction the industry has taken, believing wholeheartedly that a future supply of sustainable natural F&F aroma chemicals lies with Biotechnology. Much has happened behind the scenes, and we look forward to sharing with you what impact we will make with the new generation products.